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Walk on the paths of skiers

SÖRWESPA’s home is the Sõrve peninsula in Saaremaa, which offers a private place to be on the one hand and the island’s characteristic magical power on the other. A refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and a magical sanctuary for indulgents.

Summer attracts a lot of vacationers to the island, because it is known that this is where the most sunny days are. But we invite you to Saaremaa all year round, because it is pleasant here at any time of the year.

  • At SÖRWESPA, you can enjoy yourself in the spa or take a dip in the outdoor pools during the summer. Bicycles and walking sticks can be rented on site.
  • You can swim 0.5 km away at Läätsa beach and 9 km away at the Järve recreation area. Surfers can find Mändjala Surfclub 11 km away and Saaremaa Surfclub 13 km away.
  • For lovers of active vacations, we recommend the Salme Rannapark health trail, which is 2 km away, and the Läätsa-Kuressaare light traffic road, which is 19 km long, starting from us. Mändjala disc golf is 11 km away and the Viierist hiking trail is 14 km away.
  • For horse riding and horseback riding, guests are welcomed by Ratsukievari, 25 km away, and Minni Hobutegevus, a little further, 45 km away.
  • Sea trips, fishing trips, seal watching and diving in the Vilsandi archipelago, which is 38 km from us, offer a very special experience.
  • The most exciting attractions in the area are Sääre tirp, Sõrve lighthouse, visitor center and museum, which are 30 km away, and Mihkli Talumuuseum, which is 33 km away.

And if you are still thinking about what to do in Saaremaa, then just come and we will give you the right direction. First, book a suitable accommodation and a nice holiday can begin.