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to your own fairytale

SÖRWESPA is located in a place where smart Sörweans have noticed the miraculous power of a proper rest since ancient times. This inspiring place also helped us to create here dozens of nice purring nests, surprises to enjoy and places to think undisturbed. We have done everything here to make you manifest better, carrying the peace and happiness of Sörwe in yourself and radiating it to others.

SÖRWESPA is a holiday resort located at the beginning of the Sõrve peninsula, where guests are waiting for:

  • detailed accommodation in private cabins among junipers
  • spa building with several saunas and a swimming pool
  • two outdoor pools for summer use
  • a restaurant offering genuine island food
  • spacious rooms for organizing seminars
  • Sõrve säär, lighthouse and a lot of beautiful nature





Our spa house leads us on a journey that is end-to-end charged with a great feeling. The calming effect of water is amplified by island junipers and pines, which help to organize your thoughts and find a way to yourself. Invigorating drinks are available on site so that you can enjoy a relaxing holiday without worries and just be with yourself.


Before you start excitedly exploring the menu, stop for a moment and notice that SÖRWEKÖÖK is like an upside-down boat hidden among the junipers. The boat tells the story of the island’s nature and heritage and refers to the Salme sailing ship found in the neighbourhood, which changed the entire Viking history of Europe.