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Gain new knowledge

Find your best self and the wonderful unity of your team here, where the surfers themselves have always gone to find worthwhile ideas.

Saaremaa is a nice place to go with a team to take time off and relax together or to gain new knowledge with colleagues. Coming to the island separates you from everyday tasks and gives you the opportunity to fully devote yourself to what awaits you there. The ancient power frees the mind and saves from the mundane. There is time and space to dream big and think of ideas as solutions. Here, tasks become a game and solutions are born spontaneously.

In order to make the trip on the island playful and memorable, we share some recommendations with which to make a busy day playful.

We create experiences in workshops introducing the culture of the island, which are inspired by nature and history. The island’s food training courses teach smoking, baking bread, making drinks from local juniper and other exciting things.


Juniper beverage making workshop

The symbol of Saaremaa is juniper, which is abundant in the coastal meadows and forests of Saaremaa, also around the Läätsa holiday centre. During the training, we will find out when it is the right time to pick juniper berries, what are the best berries for picking and what drinks are made from juniper berries and twigs in Saaremaa.


Craft vinegar making workshop

Products made from island raw materials include both handmade vinegars and so-called shrub, which can be added to various dishes to experience new taste experiences. During the training, various salads and sauces and drinks are prepared. In addition to cooking, we hear how unpasteurized and unfiltered apple cider vinegar is made and what healing properties it has.


Birch sap handmade soap making workshop

Known for its vitamins and minerals, birch sap has always been part of the islanders’ diet, being a refreshing mouthful both during the sauna and when doing field work. Rich in antioxidants, birch sap is a youth elixir that slows down aging, stimulates cell growth and protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation and inflammation. During the workshop, a unique birch sap soap with herbal additives will be prepared. We also hear about the benefits of birch sap and how to store/acidify the juice so that it can be enjoyed not only in spring, but for a longer time.


Saaremaa food and drink trainings & natural cosmetics workshops

  • The use of natural products in traditional medicine.
  • Tilk Bio products made from 100% natural ingredients, for which powerful plants are collected here from the same island of Saaremaa. Drop! has also created a unique environmental protection program in Estonia, Reuse Me, which aims to minimize the damage done to the environment and pay more attention to sustainable consumption through the circular economy. Workshop on the manufacture of natural cosmetics.
  • By Mukk Natural Cosmetics Workshop. Nature-inspired skin care products from Saaremaa. The products use local raw materials to combine tradition and primordial nature with modern knowledge. The products contain local red algae picked by hand from the coast.
  • Good Kaarma. Handmade soaps with natural ingredients. Soap making workshops.SEND INQUIRY

Workshops introducing the nature and history of Saaremaa

  • Sörvemaa Heritage Society. Workshops introducing Sõrve traditional culture.
  • Workshops on the sea, where the traditions of sailors, knot-making and other things that are characteristic of the island nation are taught.
  • Mihkli Farm Museum. Located on the west coast of Saaremaa, one of the most unique museums in Estonia, a fully preserved complex of buildings and used utensils on the same farm. Conduct trainings and workshops introducing heritage culture. e.g. “Edible plants in tradition”, workshops related to the folk calendar, medicinal plants and farm work, etc.