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Sörwespa bassein


Experience the peace of Sörwe

The spa is a place to relax and find that magical liberating state of mind that has been characteristic of Sörwe for centuries. The people of Sörwe have also guided us on how to create such a suitable environment, where you can find dozens of nice places to purr. In the spa, everything has been done so that you are born a better you and that you pass on the peace and happiness of sörve to others.

SÖRWESPA leads you on a journey full of great feeling. The calming effect of the water is amplified by the island junipers, so that you can organize your thoughts and find the way to yourself.

Our spa building has two swimming pools, saunas and a separate quiet area waiting for guests.

Bathing pool

In the bathing pool with 30° C water, it is possible to enjoy both air bubbles and underwater waterfalls, which also offer the possibility of calm counter-flow swimming. The depth is 1.2 m.

Relaxation pool

In the 35° C relaxation pool, in addition to warm water, you can pamper yourself with bubbles that offer massage pleasures.

Finnish sauna

The sauna, where the air is hot and dry, is inspired by the traditional island sauna, where the ceiling and walls are painted black from smoke. By throwing steam, the humidity level can be increased. The temperature is 80 degrees. Recommended sauna use for 10-15 minutes.

Steam sauna

The steam room, where the temperature is 45-50 °C and humidity is more than 100%, takes you to the surrounding pine forest and makes you feel as if you are lying in a warm cloud of steam in the middle of Saaremaa, where every breath invigorates the senses and restores energy. When you leave the sauna, the complexion is as bright as after walking in nature. The heat can be adjusted by sitting on steps at different heights. Recommended sauna use for 10-15 minutes.


Sanarium is a relaxation sauna with low temperature and medium humidity, where the temperature is 55° C. The mild heat, which brings thoughts to warm summer days, allows you to warm the body for a longer time. The senses are invigorated by the beautiful view of nature and buzzing music from the stage. Recommended sauna use for 20-25 minutes.

Quiet area 18+

The quiet area of our spa is created for adult guests who want to enjoy silence and tranquility. We will open this part to guests at the beginning of the New Year.

Our spa is open Mon-Thu 17.00-22.00, Fri 17.00-00.00 and Sat-Sun 10.00-22.00

Children 0-3 y     free of charge
Children 4-15 y     10 euro
Adults      20 euro